View Full Version : 2 Ph.D. vacancies: ambulatory VR technology for training of humanmotor control (University of Twente, the Netherlands)

05-07-2002, 01:49 AM
The University of Twente, Institute for Biomedical Technology, Enschede,
the Netherlands

2 Ph.D. student positions for Biomedical Engineers
to develop ambulatory VR technology for training of human motor control

The goal of the ExoZorg project is to develop technology for ambulatory
training and assessment for human motor control in the home or work
environment. Additionally, there is supervision of the training via a
telematic link. This new technology will allow extra-mural training and
assessment of motor control during daily activities in the daily
environment during the whole day in stead of a few hours per week in a
rehabilitation centre or physiotherapy institute. The responsibility of the
UT is to develop onbody training and assessment systems for body balance
and psychomotor functions. Responsible UT project leaders are Prof.dr.ir.
Peter H. Veltink (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) and Dr.ir. Herman van
der Kooij (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering).
The project is subsidised by the Dutch Ministery of Economic Affairs
(bureau SENTER) under the ICT breakthrough program. The project ExoZorg is
coordinated by Roessingh Research and Development bv. (Dr.ir. Hermie J.

The two Ph.D. students will develop technology for ambulatory training and
assesment of balance and psychomotor functions. This will be based on
models of human motor control, virtual reality applications, applying
onbody sensing and feedback. The developed methods will be evaluated
against a human performance laboratory, including balance perturbation and
evaluation systems.
You will work in a multidisciplinary team of researchers, technical
developers and clinicians from Universities, rehabilitation clinic and a
large IT company. This requires working according to planning in a project

You are an excellent and enthusiastic scientist with creative ideas and an
interest in clinical questions. Preferably, you are an Electrical,
Physical, Information or Mechanical Engineer or a technically knowledgeable
Movement Scientist. You have good writing and verbal skills in the English
language. Especially for the project of training psychomotor functions it
will be an advantage when you have good programming skills. You have
affinity with multidisciplinary cooperation and are able to work according
to planning in a project team.

4 year UT Ph.D. student (AIO) employment, starting in June 2002.

Interested candidates can contact Prof.dr.ir. Peter H. Veltink
(P.H.Veltink@el.utwente.nl; tel. x31-53-4892765) or Dr.ir. Herman van der
Kooij (H.vanderKooij@wb.utwente.nl; tel. x31-53-4894779). Please send a
short cv and short motivation statement.

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