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05-14-2002, 06:59 AM
Hi all,

the following was sent to me by a friend of mine:
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Dear Biomechanists,

I am currently involved with developing a computer
model for the
movement of the thigh. I need to simulate the force
that each muscle exerts
in order to bring about flexion, extension, abduction
and adduction. I
am having a problem with trying to find a model that
can be used to
model the muscle. I have the force length, force
velocity and force
activation curves(from Winter 1990 and Zajac 1989)
along with the peak isometric contraction(based on the
PCSA from Dostal and Andrews 1982)of thigh muscles.
I also have a Hill type and Huxley type model for the
muscle mechanics from Zajac and a book called
Theoretical Consideration of Skeletal Muscle. I am
just not sure how i would use this information in a
commercial type package like ADAM to simulate movement
at the hip joint.

I would appreciate any help

Thank you for your responses


Alireza Abouhossein

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