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Andrew Chapman
05-15-2002, 06:00 PM
To all list members,

I am searching for EMG studies of the lower leg muscles during running gait
(and also during cycling as a lesser priority). There are an endless number
of studies which have investigated tibialis anterior, gastroc and soleus
function in varying contexts, but to my surprise I have found very few
studies that investigate the activity of tibialis posterior, peroneus longus
and brevis.

I have searched web of science, Medline (full reference set) and sports
discus. Interesting articles that I did find include:

1.Reber, L., Perry, J., & Pink, M. (1993). Muscular control of the ankle in
running. American Journal of Sports Medicine, 21, 805-810.

2.Mann, R. A. (1986). Comparative electromyography of the lower extremity in
jogging, running, and sprinting. American Journal of Sports Medicine, 14,

Reber et al. used fine-wire EMG to investigate the function of gastroc,
peroneus brevis (but not longus apparently), tib post, tib ant and soleus
during running. Even in this study, few references were made to earlier
studies that had recorded the patterning of muscles other than gastroc,
soleus and tib ant.

There appears to be some useful information in biomechanics and sports
medicine textbooks in relation to running, and these I am still searching.
But if anybody has any further articles/sources that may be useful, these
would be much appreciated.

thank you for your time

I am more than happy to provide a summary of responses if others are

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