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Rush F Green
04-28-1993, 02:49 AM
To biomch-l subscribers,

Several weeks ago, I posted a message asking for a list of graduate schools in
biomechanics. I received some helpful replies, particularly from John Fewster,
Todd Royer, Steve McCaw and Carolyn Small. I also received several messages
asking for a compilation of the replies to my request. Well, here it is!
Four major sources were suggested:

- Peterson's Guide to Graduate Schools -
I Looked in Peterson's under biomedical engineering and found around twenty or
so programs. Using Peterson's is rather tedious and the amount of information
varies from school to school.

- 1993 ACSM guide to graduate programs in sports medicine -
This is a good guide to sports related programs. I don't think this is a
totally comprehensive guide.

- AAHPERD Newsletter from Susan Hall at Cal State Northridge -
This is a recently published newsletter which lists a small number of
biomechanics prgrams, but contains quite a bit of good detailed information.

- A late '80s compilation from The Journal of Clinical Engineering via Quest
Publishing in Brea CA. -
I wasn't able to find this source, but I didn't try very hard.

That's the list.
Mary Rodgers, the ASB education chair, mentioned that the ASB would like to put
together their own list. I think this would be a good idea. It would be nice
if information for both the sports medicine based and the engineering based
programs could be found in the same source. Information about the specific
research emphases of the programs would also be helpful.

Thanks for all the help and the interest.
Rush Green
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Seattle, WA
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