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Chris Smith
05-20-2002, 08:42 PM
A vacancy for a PhD studentship has come available on a project on
modelling of the mechanics of cancellous bone and their changes during
ageing and disease. Cancellous bone can be modelled as a 'cellular
solid' (Gibson and Ashby, 'Cellular Solids' 1988 CUP), allowing
prediction of both elastic and fracture properties. It is thought that
disorders such as osteoporosis alter both cancellous geometry and
trabeculae mechanical properties, but how these changes affect bulk
cancellous behaviour is not clear. Modelling of cancellous bone with
input of measured geometry and mechanical properties will facilitate
better prediction and increased understanding.

The project has funding for a UK or EU PhD student for 3 years, and will
be supervised by Dr CW smith and Prof KE Evans in the Dept of
Engineering, University of Exeter. The studentship will carry
maintenance payments of 7.5k rising to 8.5k.

Non-UK or non-EU citizens must pay extra international registration fees
of circa 7k per year, and there is no funding available to cover this.
UK and EU applicants only please, unless applicants can self-fund the
extra fees.

All enquiries to Dr CW Smith via email to include a CV and brief
covering letter.

Dr Chris Smith and Prof KE Evans

Dr Chris Smith,
Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering,
School of Engineering and Computer Science,
Dept of Engineering, Harrison Building,
University of Exeter,
Exeter, Devon,
EX4 4QF, U.K.
tel (44) 01392 263652 (or 263615)
fax (44) 01392 217965


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