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Peter Vint
05-28-2002, 07:44 AM

I am searching for 3D data of the upper extremity during running (normal
subjects). I no longer have direct access to a laboratory in which I can
collect these data myself and therefore am asking for assistance (and
generosity) from the members of BIOMCH-L. I have searched the BIOMCH-L
data sources and have found nothing that I can use. I need 3D and I need
upper extremity. I am trying to answer the following questions:

* Is there a typical 3D hand trajectory that is exhibited in
* What is the typical height and vertical excursion of the hand
during running?
* What is the typical anterior-posterior excursion of the hand
while running?
* What is the typical medio-lateral excursion and distance between
hands during running?

If anyone in this community has processed 3D data on normal subjects
during running (calibrated data required, filtered data not required),
that they would be willing to let me use to explore these questions, I
would sincerely appreciate it. The more detail you can provide about the
data (output format, sampling rate, calibration accuracy, subject
information, running speed, etc.), the better. The more data you can
share, the more completely I can answer my questions. I would sincrerely
appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.



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