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Andrew G Jameson
07-05-2002, 07:31 PM

I have reviewed the archives but still cannot find a definitive answer
(as if one ever exists) as to how to determine Co-contraction! My
search of the literature is still underway but whilst waiting for
references to arrive via inter-library loan (may take a while,
especially during the holidays), maybe someone out there can give me
some help!

To determine the Co - contration, I am trying to compare normalized EMG
of an Agonist vs.. Antagonist muscle group but am not clear as which
method to use!

1. Should I just divide the normalized EMG of the agonist by that of
the antagonist and then multiply by 100

2. Should I look at the waveform of the two muscles and determine the
area of overlap and then compare that to the total activity?

3. If I use the 1st method should I look at the integrated EMG and
use that in the equation or should I use the MEAN EMG value?

Or if anyone has any other methods of determining this then please share
them with me!

Thank you in advance

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