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Martin Geiger
07-09-2002, 04:33 PM
Announcement 9th Finite Element Workshop at Ulm University

The Finite Element Method is the most common method to simulate complex
technical processes. In recent years the Finite Element Method has not
only been used in classical fields of research such as engineering
mechanics, but also to solve medical and biomechanical problems. For
this reason in 1993 we decided to devote this workshop primarily to
biomechanics, biomedical engineering, medicine and adjacent fields of
research. In the first place the workshop should serve for an exchange
of experience. Over the past eight years it has grown into an ideal
discussion forum.

Due to the variety of topics, the participants will obtain an excellent
survey of the present state of the art and of various applications of
the Finite Element Method to diverse fields of research. Especially for
young scientists, the workshop provides an ideal possibility to present
and discuss results of research in an uncomplicated scientific environment.

Participants from industry will have the possibility to get an overview
of various fields of application of the Finite Element Method and of the
complex field of Biomedical/Biomechanical research.
The workshop additionally provides the possibility of an approach
between universities, research establishments and industry.
Over the last years many cooperations between participants of industry
and research establishments have arisen.

The workshop will be held in Ulm, Germany on July 18th and 19th
2002. During that time a traditional village fair, the so-called
"Schwörwoche", will take place in Ulm. It is accompanied by many
interesting events . The
"Schwörwoche" ends on Monday, July 22nd , with a variety of events
including a procession of floats on the river Danube ("Nabada"),
Concerts, Expositions,... This day is called "Schwörmontag".

We cordially invite you to Ulm and would be pleased to welcome you as a
participant helping us to contribute actively to this
workshop. Should you be interested in a special topic please contact us
via mail , fax
, e-mail
or telephone. Please find the *
registration form


Workshop topics

* mechanics of materials (characterization of
* biomaterials
* nonlinear analysis (e.g. biological tissues, shape
* fracture healing
* coupled field ananlysis
* optimization of implant design
* generation of CAD models of anatomical structures
* biomedical imaging and image processing
* meshing algorithms
* bone remodeling
* fluid dynamics

Universitaetsklinikum Ulm and Universitaetsrechenzentrum Ulm
Poliklinik fuer Kieferorthopaedie
Oberer Eselsberg, D-89081 Ulm

Tel.: ++49 731 500 23736
FAX.: ++49 731 500 23686
e-mail: kfo@kfohp1.medizin.uni-ulm.de

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