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Cay Evans
07-16-2002, 12:28 PM
Call for Proposals

WHAT? Part of the LSUS celebration of National Girls and Women in Sport Week

WHEN? February 7, 2003, 9 am - 4 pm and February 8, 2003, 9 am - noon

WHERE? Louisiana State University in Shreveport, hosted by the LSUS Sport
Science Institute and the Departments of Education and Kinesiology and Health

TARGET? Coaches and athletic trainers, health professionals, K-12 teachers
and university faculty, athletes, and all others interested in health,
physical activity and sport for girls and women.

FORMAT? Poster presentation, free communication, lecture, demonstration,
panel discussion, audience participation, etc. Formatting will be flexible in
order to accommodate the wishes of presenters as much as possible . Special
accommodations will be made for student papers and/or sections.

TOPICS? Presenters' interests will determine topics to be included. It is
expected that coaching techniques and ideas, sport psychology, training and
conditioning, biomechanics, sport sociology, Title IX, and women's health
issues will be among general areas covered. Basically, anything goes!

COST? Registration for the conference: $40. Luncheon and keynote address on
Friday, catered by Copeland's (optional): $10. Do not send payment with your
proposal! Registration materials will be sent to participants with notices of

TO SUBMIT? The proposal should be one page single-spaced, preferably
word-processed using MS Word or WordPerfect. Typewritten proposals will be
accepted. Items that should be included on the single page are: (1) name,
address, and phone number, (2) e-mail address if available, (3) format
desired (see list above), (4) time frame desired (15, 30, 45, 60 minutes),
(5) day preferred (Friday or Saturday), (6) type of audience targeted, (7)
equipment needed (overhead projector, slide projector, etc.), and (8) a
summary or abstract of what you plan to present. Send on floppy disk to Dr.
Cay Evans, Dept. of Education, LSU in Shreveport, Shreveport, LA 71115 or by
e-mail to Dr. Ron Byrd at rbyrd@pilot.lsus.edu.

TIMELINE: Deadline for submission - November 15, 2002. Notice of acceptance
or rejection - December 15, 2002. (Compilation of abstracts and summaries to
participants - February 7. Proceedings (full papers of those who wish to have
their work included) will be mailed to participants about March 7.

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