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unknown user
11-14-1989, 07:58 AM
My father edits the "Creative Science and Technology" magazine;
Which is distributed nation wide. Among his past authors you can
find Herbert Simon, Linus Pauling, Edward Teller, Buchminster Fuller
and other internationally known scientists and engineers.
Articles in the areas of physical science, life science and technology
are hearby solicited. We are sorry that we are not able to pay for
articles, since the magazine is free for minorities and women who
attend the schools on the distribution list. We hope that your
satisfaction will come from, turning young minds on to the fields
of science and technology.
You may submit articles, along with a short biographical sketch, either
through Email or Snail-Mail. Thanks in advance.
Raymond M. A. Erdey

Snail-Mail : Dr. Michael R. A. Erdey
P. O. Box 1852
Auburn, Alabama 36831-1852

Phone Office : (205) 727-8988
Home : (205) 821-8008

BITNET : Raymond@AuDucVAX