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Andrew Chapman
07-16-2002, 02:54 PM
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I am searching for any research relating to the influence of limb dominance
on kinetics, kinematics and muscle function during running (and also cycling
as a lesser priority).

Few studies make any note of dominance, or collect data from only dominant
limbs as determined by a simple functional task such as kicking a ball,
without offering any scientific justification for analysing data from only
one limb.

The notion of leg dominance is certainly clouded by the conflicting
functional demands placed upon the lower limb (Gabbard & Hart, 1996); i.e.
the demand for both mobility and stability, and thus the predominant
bilateral context in which most lower limb tasks are performed. As a result,
the literature is equivocal and contradictory as to which parameters
indicate dominance and how it can be determined. In sum, limb dominance can
be viewed from three different aspects (Clerke & Clerke, 2001):
-The relative preference for one limb in the execution of a unilateral task
(Annett, 1970; Peters, 1998);
-The greater skilfulness of one hand or leg in the performance of a tasks
(Gabbard & Hart, 1996; Peters, 1998);
-The greater strength and/or endurance of one limb, hand or foot (Bowman &
Katz, 1984; Chau et al., 1997; Dias, Bhowal, Wildin, & Thompson, 2001).

Limb dominance effects has been related to a number of lower limb injuries,
such as stress fractures. Thus, I am interested to read any studies that
have investigated within-subject between-limb differences in kinetics,
kinematics and muscle function during running or cycling.

Summary of responses to be posted.

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