Jean Blouin
07-21-2002, 09:33 PM
Please feel free to forward this message to anyone potentially interested.
1. Postdoctoral Fellowship “Brain and Intentional Movement Control: an fMRI

Applications are invited for a one-year post-doctoral research fellowship
(funded by the French Ministry of Research), to study brain mechanisms
involved in intentional motor control using fMRI. The candidate will work in
the group investigating the “Neural Substrates of Intentional Movement
Control” (Mireille Bonnard) in the laboratory “Movement and Perception”
(CNRS, University of the Méditerranée, Marseille). This group uses fMRI and
TMS techniques to study the relation between the spatio-temporal
organisation of cerebral activation and the intentional adaptive
capabilities of movement in healthy human subjects.

We have access to an fMRI machine of 3T which is fully available for
research. Go and see on the following web site for some more information (in
French): http://irmfmrs.free.fr/
Besides the normal movement analysis systems (electrogoniometers, force
transducer, EMG…), our laboratory is equipped with a TMS system, triggered
by a computer at a predetermined moment of the movement.

We propose a salary of 1830 Euro net monthly for one year with a possibility
to extend the stay for 6 months. The candidate must be 35 years at most on
December 31st 2002, having obtained his/her PhD (in Neuroscience,
Psychology, Human Movement Science or a related numerate discipline) outside
France, and presently working outside of France. Moreover candidates must
originate from USA, Canada, Australia, New-Zeeland, Norway, Switzerland,
Russia, Poland, Japan, Korea, Hungary, Israel, Brazil. Candidates should be
enthusiastic about brain and motor behaviour, and should have experience
with or be keen to learn the methods used in fMRI (conceiving protocols,
data acquisition and analysis) and the skills of motor behavior measurement.

The appointment is available from 1st December 2002, for 1 year. Closing
date for applications is 26st August 2002. Applications should include 1) a
curriculum vitae, 2) one or two letters of reference.

If you wish further information please contact rapidly Mireille Bonnard
bonnard@laps.univ-mrs.fr ).

Please send (preferably by mail) to:
Mireille BONNARD, PhD
UMR 6152 "Mouvement et Perception"
Université de la Méditerranée, CNRS
Faculté des Sciences du Sport
163, Avenue de Luminy, CP 910
13288 Marseille cedex 9. France
fax. (33) 04 91 17 22 52
E-Mail : Bonnard@laps.univ-mrs.fr

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