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07-24-2002, 10:30 PM

Research Fellow, Centre for Rehabilitation and Human
Performance Research, University of Salford. Eighteen months, full
time, salary up to 21503, with annual increment at 12 months.

This EPSRC funded project will produce a new biomechanical
model of the foot and was rated as likely to make a "significant"
and "major" contribution to the biomechanics community by the
proposal reviewers.

The project seeks to address a fundamental problem with existing
research on the biomechanics of the foot and ankle; we do not
know or have any basis for how we should divide the foot into
appropriate rigid body segments in a biomechanical model. It is
important that a model uses a valid and accurate simplification of
the foot because if the model is incorrectly constructed, it follows
that data and conclusions derived from the model will be
inaccurate. A more valid model than exists at present would be
invaluble in the design of improved orthoses and footwear. The work
will be based on investigation of foot kinematics using bone and
skin mounted markers and is being conducted in collaboration with
colleagues in the USA. The work will involve a minimum of 2 visits
to the US for a period of approximately 2 weeks on each occassion.

The work will be based at the Centre for Rehabilitation and Human
Performance Research and complement the previous and the
ongoing gait and foot biomechanics work. The project and
Research Fellow will be supervised by Dr Christopher Nester and
Dr David Howard. The successful candidate will have a background
in engineering, kinematic modelling and experimental investigation.
Experience in gait analysis and biomechanics, and an awareness
of foot biomechanics would be an advantage, although we envisage
that these aspects could be adequately covered through training.
Experience in suitable software packages such as Matlab is

Deadline for applications: September 6th

Interviews week of 23rd September

A detailed description of the project will be provided for those
applicants invited to interview.

Dr Nester can be contacted at: c.j.nester@salford.ac.uk
Application forms are available from: Jeff Clements, Personnel
Officer, j.clements@salford.ac.uk

Dr Christopher Nester BSc PhD
Research Fellow
Brian Blatchford Building
School of Health Care Professions
Centre for Rehabilitation and Human Performance Research
University of Salford
M6 6PU
TEL:0161 295 2275
FAX:0161 295 2302

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