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Dewitt, John K. (jsc-sk) (wls)
07-29-2002, 11:20 PM
We are currently beginning a study to detemine the inertial loads
that arise during squat lifts with various weights and varying cadences.
We are interested in determining knee and hip angles throughout the
movement and plan to use electro-goiniometers (EG) to collect motion data.
We have found that when attaching the EG directly to the skin, knee output
angles do not necessarily correspond with joint angle because of EG
movement due to the quadriceps moving under the skin. We are expeimenting
with the subjects performing the exercise with a knee brace on which the
EGs are attached. We are concerned, however, that the brace may cause a
change in technique. My questions are:
1) Is there any evidence that squat technique is affected when using a
knee brace?
2) Does anyone have suggestions about EG placement to accurately measure
knee angle while the knee flexes from 0 degrees to about 110 degrees?

John DeWitt, M.S.
Biomechanist - Exercise Physiology Laboratory
Space Physiology & Countermeasures
Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX 77058
281-483-8939 / 281-483-4181 (fax)

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