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08-05-2002, 06:42 AM

Locally, check out


Go for the PhD. First, you get a stipend and a tuition waiver; med school
makes you pay. Second, if you like math, you will not be happy in med

Also, check http://www.smpp.nwu.edu, the link for the Sensory-Motor
performance program at NU. That is a research program integrated with the
PT department.

Mitch M.

On Mon, 5 Aug 2002, kristin pilotte wrote:

> I guess my question really becomes this. I'm seriously considering PT
> school...but given what I want to do, is it possible that medical school
> (if I could get in) would serve me better for research opportunities? Are
> there any PTs out there that do engage in research of rehabilitation (both
> via physical therapy and the use of orthoses, whose design I'm particularly
> interested in given my experience with knees and ankles) in addition to
> working with patients? Does anybody out there know if either the
> University of Maryland system or Johns Hopkins University system have any
> programs that might allow me to work with patients and do research and
> apply my biomechanical engineering skills (I ask about those particularly
> since for family reasons I would prefer to be in this area for a few more
> years anyway)?

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