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Paolo De Leva, P.e. Institute,rome - Sport Biom.
05-04-1993, 03:06 AM
Is there anyone among the subscribers who knows about literature
containing anthropometric data relative to the position of the main
joint centers (or centroids) of the body, with respect to neighboring
bony landmarks?
I happen to know only the extensive work by Chandler et al.(1975).

Besides, I searched through a lot of anthropometry reports, but
I couldn't find data concerning the position of the substernale in women,
and the distance between the two Anterior Superior Iliac Spines in men
(except for cadaver data by Clauser et al, and Chandler et al.).
Does any one happen to have this data for a group of about 18-30 years old
people, or know where I can find them?

Thanks in advance,

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