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Jonathan Merritt
08-12-2002, 05:00 PM
Hi Everyone,

I've recently been investigating the technique of Fourier Interpolation
for use in a simulation of gait analysis errors. I've written some code
in Java that performs Fourier Interpolation (a C version will arrive
when I have time to write it) and also an article which hopefully
explains the code. :-) Both are available online here:

I realise that many numerical packages already support Fourier
interpolation (MATLAB for instance), but I've hopefully gone beyond what
is normally available in that my code can calculate not only an
interpolating function, but also the value of any of the function's
derivatives at any point (the derivatives are found analytically, not by
a general numerical scheme). Fourier interpolation has the benefit that
the interpolating function and all of its derivatives are continuous and
periodic, which is a Good Thing (TM) for my current application.

If anyone else ever has to wrestle with this particular variety of
mathematical black art, then hopefully my code will prove useful. I
would also welcome any good references for Fourier interpolation that
people have come across - I'll put them on the website. I was unable to
find very much at all.

Jonathan Merritt.
PhD Student,
Equine Clinical Research Unit,
Faculty of Veterinary Science,
The University of Melbourne.

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