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08-13-2002, 07:47 AM
Here is this week's Literature Update for keywords: BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*.

Rodger Kram Dan Ferris
Univ. of Colorado Univ. of Michigan
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Carrier DR. Deban SM. Otterstrom J.
The face that sank the Essex: potential function of the spermaceti organ
in aggression
Journal of Experimental Biology. 205(12):1755-1763, 2002 Jun.

Nauen JC. Lauder GV.
Hydrodynamics of caudal fin locomotion by chub mackerel, Scomber japonicus
Journal of Experimental Biology. 205(12):1709-1724, 2002 Jun.

Gal J.
Mammalian spinal biomechanics: postural support in seated macaques
Journal of Experimental Biology. 205(12):1703-1707, 2002 Jun.


Riley PO. DellaCroce U. Kerrigan DC.
Effect of age on lower extremity joint moment contributions to gait speed
Gait & Posture. 14(3):264-270, 2001 Dec.

McDowell B. Cosgrove A. Baker R.
Estimating mechanical cost in subjects with myelomeningocele
Gait & Posture. 15(1):25-31, 2002 Feb.

Riener R. Rabuffetti M. Frigo C.
Stair ascent and descent at different inclinations
Gait & Posture. 15(1):32-44, 2002 Feb.

Leroux A. Fung J. Barbeau H.
Postural adaptation to walking on inclined surfaces: I. Normal strategies
Gait & Posture. 15(1):64-74, 2002 Feb.

Bartonek A. Saraste H. Eriksson M. Knutson L. Cresswell AG.
Upper body movement during walking in children with lumbo-sacral
Gait & Posture. 15(2):120-129, 2002 Apr.

Cham R. Redfern MS.
Changes in gait when anticipating slippery floors
Gait & Posture. 15(2):159-171, 2002 Apr.

Schollhorn WI. Nigg BM. Stefanyshyn DJ. Liu W.
Identification of individual walking patterns using time discrete and time
continuous data sets
Gait & Posture. 15(2):180-186, 2002 Apr.

Morgan DW. Tseh W. Caputo JL. Keefer DJ. Craig IS. Griffith KB.
Akins MB. Griffith GE. Martin PE.
Longitudinal profiles of oxygen uptake during treadmill walking in
able-bodied children: the locomotion energy and growth study
Gait & Posture. 15(3):230-235, 2002 Jun.

Abernethy B. Hanna A. Plooy A.
The attentional demands of preferred and non-preferred gait patterns
Gait & Posture. 15(3):256-265, 2002 Jun.


Ng JKF. Kippers V. Parnianpour M. Richardson CA.
EMG activity normalization for trunk muscles in subjects with and without
back pain
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 34(7):1082-1086, 2002 Jul.

Schmit BD. Benz EN. Rymer WZ.
Afferent mechanisms for the reflex response to imposed ankle movement in
chronic spinal cord injury
Experimental Brain Research. 145(1):40-49, 2002 Jul.

Schumann NP. Biedermann FHW. Kleine BU. Stegeman DF. Roeleveld K.
Hackert R. Scholle HC.
Multi-channel EMG of the M. triceps brachii in rats during treadmill
Clinical Neurophysiology. 113(7):1142-1151, 2002 Jul.


Pierce MC. Bertocci GE. Berger R. Vogeley E.
Injury biomechanics for aiding in the diagnosis of abusive head trauma
Neurosurgery Clinics of North America. 13(2):155-+, 2002 Apr.

Dias MS.
Inflicted head injury: future directions and prevention
Neurosurgery Clinics of North America. 13(2):247-+, 2002 Apr.

Eastwood EA. Magaziner J. Wang J. Silberzweig SB. Hannan EL. Strauss
E. Siu AL.
Patients with hip fracture: Subgroups and their outcomes
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 50(7):1240-1249, 2002 Jul.

Pitzen TR. Matthis D. Barbier DD. Steudel WI.
Initial stability of cervical spine fixation: predictive value of a finite
element model - Technical note
Journal of Neurosurgery. 97(1 Suppl S):128-134, 2002 Jul.

Ngan P.
Biomechanics of maxillary expansion and protraction in Class III patients
American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics.
121(6):582-583, 2002 Jun.


Nyland J. Smith S. Beickman K. Armsey T. Caborn DNM.
Frontal plane knee angle affects dynamic postural control strategy during
unilateral stance
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 34(7):1150-1157, 2002 Jul.

Brown LA. Jensen JL. Korff T. Woollacott MH.
The translating platform paradigm: perturbation displacement waveform
alters the postural response
Gait & Posture. 14(3):256-263, 2001 Dec.


Lee YJ. Hirose S.
Three-legged walking for fault-tolerant locomotion of demining quadruped
Advanced Robotics. 16(5):415-426, 2002.

Liu CK. Popovic Z.
Synthesis of complex dynamic character motion from simple animations
ACM Transactions on Graphics. 21(3):408-416, 2002 Jul.

Kovar L. Gleicher M. Pighin F.
Motion graphs
ACM Transactions on Graphics. 21(3):473-482, 2002 Jul.


Shea M. Fields KB.
Plantar fasciitis - Prescribing effective treatments
Physician & Sportsmedicine. 30(7):21-25, 2002 Jul.

Nyland JA. Ullery LR. Caborn DNM.
Medial patellar taping changes the peak plantar force location and timing
of female basketball players
Gait & Posture. 15(2):146-152, 2002 Apr.


Rotter N. Tobias G. Lebl M. Roy AK. Hansen MC. Vacanti CA. Bonassar
Age-related changes in the composition and mechanical properties of human
nasal cartilage
Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics. 403(1):132-140, 2002 Jul 1.

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