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Roland Van Den Tillaar
08-18-2002, 05:01 PM
Professorship in physical education
Applications are invited for the post of Professor of Physical Education (athletics and health) at the Sogn og Fjordane University College to take up appointment from 01.01.03. The professorship post is funded by the Sogn og Fjordane County Council for a period of four years (01.01.03 - 31.12.06) including operating capital. It is envisioned that the position will be made permanent from 01.01.07.

Physical education is a prioritized area of interest at the college. The focus is especially directed toward fitness and health and the Professorship is a reflection of this commitment. The successful applicant must be able to document competence and scientific research within the fields of athletics and health. Applicants with a background in physical education, medicine and/or natural science, and possibly social sciences will be considered for the position.

The main responsibilities of the post of Professor of Physical Education would involve work related to athletics, physical activity and health. The Professor must be able to conduct both pedagogic and research related duties and to initiate research projects in collaboration with other professional groups both within and external to the institution. The athletics department at HSF has a special responsibility to participate in, and to promote collaborative activities with local, regional and national authorities in the fields of athletics, physical activity and health. The professor will have significant responsibilities with regard to the stimulation and facilitation of research activities in these disciplines. It is desirable that the successful applicant will prove competent in initiating relevant research and developmental projects.

The assessment of the candidates will be in accordance with existing regulations, and focus on relevant research work. Emphasis shall also be placed on experience from leadership of and/ or participation in extensive research projects.

In addition to the academic qualifications, the assessment of candidates will involve a consideration of the following;

i) Teaching experience and pedagogic competence.

ii) Administrative and organizational experience and the ability to cooperate.

iii) Relevant work experience in the respective disciplines and other investigative work.

The applicant must send in four examples of the following;

a.. Letter of application: CV and list of appendices.
b.. Research work that the candidate wishes to be included for consideration.
c.. List of research work with references to where they have been published.
d.. Details about the research work that the candidate wishes to be paid special attention to under consideration.
e.. Details and documentation of pedagogic competence, research dissemination, other extension work and other qualifications.

The number of scientific achievements that the candidate wishes the selection committee pay special attention to should not exceed ten.

The possibility exists for candidates to deliver documentation pertaining to research activities up to six weeks after the deadline for submission of applications, provided notification of this has been given in the letter of application.

After processing the applications, suitable candidates shall be called in for an interview. It is the desire of HSF to have a greater number of the academic positions filled by women and women are therefore encouraged to apply.

Appointment to the post shall be in accordance with the statutes pertaining to the civil service and any regulations that govern the practices at the college. Appointment to the professorship, which is remunerated with a salary in the wage scale range 61-79 (according to qualifications), will be made by the college board of directors.

A more detailed job announcement for the post is available. The job announcement and more details about the post are available from the office of the Principal, Johs Thaule (tlf. 57 67 61 11, e-post johs.thaule@hisf.no) or by contacting the Dean, Svein Heggheim (tlf. 57 67 60 75, e-post svein.heggheim@hisf.no).

The application together with all appendices (in quadruplicate) is to be sent to Sogn og Fjordane University College, Post Box 133, 6851 SOGNDAL.

Deadline for applications is 10 September, 2002.

Job description: Professorship in Physical Education (athletics and health)

The position is administratively connected to the Faculty of Teacher Education located at Sogndal. The Faculty of Teacher Education currently has approximately 800 students and 50 staff members. The faculty carries programmes in physical education, general- and preparatory school teacher education, and practical pedagogic education, in addition to postgraduate studies for general school teachers, preparatory school teachers and other vocations.

The athletics department currently employs 13 staff members. From autumn 2002 the department shall offer a Bachelor degree programme in athletics. The athletics department has today 170 full-time students in addition to those attending courses in association with the general- and preparatory- school teacher education programmes. The third year of study in the Bachelor degree programme will focus specifically on physical activity and health. Both full-time and part-time programmes shall be conducted at the college campus at Sogndal and/or at other decentralized locations. The Faculty of Teacher Education has plans for introducing Master degree programmes in sports related sciences, and the disciplines of physical activity and health are essential components of these plans. The Professorship shall have an instrumental role in the structuring and realization of this Master degree programme.

The athletics department shares the same building as the Sports Centre (training and test centre at Sognahallen), and collaborates extensively with this institution on teaching, and research and development activities. The cooperation between the two entities takes the form of an exchange of academic and technical personnel possessing competence in health related disciplines (e.g. physiotherapists). The college's athletics department also assists in a number of internally and externally financed, joint venture development projects involving the Sports Centre, Sogn og Fjordane Sports district and/or the Western Norway Research Institute.

In the course of the last ten years, the athletic community at HSF has grown considerably. This growth is exemplified in the comprehensive curriculum, and in the increasing numbers of staff and students at the athletics department - a growth which has been the result of a conscious and concerted effort on the part of the college to enhance the theoretical and practical competence of the academic population.

The athletics department currently has three students working on their doctoral theses. The Professor will have a special responsibility toward the academic supervision of these students. The athletics department has recently been awarded a new PhD studentship in the field of athletics and health. The detailed structuring of the post and the subsequent appointment to the position will be effected under consultation with the Professor. The new Professor in Physical Education will be required to perform teaching and supervisory duties at all stages of the degree programme.

The most important responsibility for the Professor of Physical Education will be associated with research and development activities. The college requires a person with the proven ability to initiate, conduct, direct and inspire sports related research. Special emphasis will be placed on research activities directed toward the stated prioritized disciplines of athletics, physical activity and health. It will be essential to increase the degree of cooperation with other academic communities, both nationally and internationally in addition to increasing the amount of externally financed ventures.

The athletics section has ambitions of introducing Master degree programmes in the fields of fitness and health, and physical education. As such it will be vital to strengthen the academic body connected to the college in order to provide a post graduate degree programme of high quality. It is expected that the Professor shall actively participate in the procurement of additional accomplished academic personnel, and in addition, inspire exemplary and relevant research activities.

The athletics department has a responsibility to participate in collaborative ventures with local and regional authorities in the fields of athletics, physical activity and health, and it is expected that the Professor will actively engage in these activities.

It is desirable that the successful candidate has an academic background within the fields of physical education, natural science and/or medicine, however other relevant experience and qualifications will be considered.

The Professor shall engage in educational and counselling activities at all academic levels in association with the pedagogic staff. The appointed professor shall also undertake a supervisory role with respect to academic staff pursuing masters and doctoral programmes of study.

In addition to the academic qualifications, the assessment of candidates will involve a consideration of the following;

i) teaching experience and pedagogic competence.

ii) administrative and organizational experience and the ability to cooperate.

iii) relevant work experience in the respective disciplines and other investigative work.

The Professorship shall be funded during the period 01.01.2003 - 31.12.2006 to the tune of 850,000 NOK per annum by the Sogn og Fjordane County Council. The sum includes salary, social expenses, and an administrative and project budget. The Professorship is part of a collaborative agreement between the County Council and the University College encompassing educational, research and development activities. According to the terms of the agreement, the Council shall receive annual reports detailing the activities of the Professorship. The County Council shall also have access to the services of the Professor (free of charge, and subject to advance notification and agreement), as lecturer for diverse courses, seminars etc.

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