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Mahar, Andrew
08-20-2002, 06:54 AM
Hi all,

It has been some time since I harassed you with a question. Thus, here is
my latest installment.

I have performed a literature review and a review of the biomch-l archives
for information regarding the accuracy of kinematic measures for orthopedic
biomechanics within small volumes. I am aware that some work has been done
in gait (Kadaba, Ramakrishnan) and medium sized environments (Deluzio). I
can't remember the authors, but I also know that some validation/accuracy
work was done for upper extremity motions.

However, many of these validations involve a mechanical linkage and don't
represent the specimen upon which mechanical loads will be applied. I am
have not found any articles pertaining to kinematic accuracies within small
volumes validated with an actual specimen (rather than an artificial
linkage). I am aware of numerous reports on spinal kinematics and similar
data, but have not found references to accuracy studies.

Does anyone know of full publications or abstracts that would contain these
data? I will be sure to post a summary of replies.



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