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Keijo Häkkinen
08-22-2002, 05:32 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

A reminder of the deadline for abstract submission !

The "3rd International Conference on Strength Training"
"Strength Training in Sport and in Rehabilitation"

November, 13-17, 2002, Budapest, Hungary.

As time flies we would like to remind all of you researchers and sports
scientists, coaches, medical doctors, physiotherapists as well as students etc.

that the deadline for abstract submission for the above mentioned Conference
is very close:

The deadline for abstract submission is August 31, 2002 !

However, you still have some time left to finalize your notes and submit your
one-page abstracts !

For more information we refer to the Final Announcement of the Conference
available also on the Internet:



to ask for information by email from Mr.Ladislav Petrovic:

As many of you may remember the First Conference of this Conference Series
was held in the city of Lahti, Finland in 1998, and the Second one in the city of
Ipoh, Malaysia in 2000.

This international conference will include several keynote lectures given by
leading researchers and experts from around the world. The keynote lectures
together with the complementary poster presentations will provide an
outstanding opportunity to exchange latest research information and new
ideas on strength training.

Topics of the Conference

Physiology and biomechanics of strength training:
Hormonal adaptation to strength training
Neuromuscular adaptation to strength training
Connective tissue adaptation to strength training
Effects of strength training on bones
Strength training for astronauts
Strength training for aging people
Nutrition in strength training

Medical aspects in strength training:
Strength training for athletes for injury prevention
Strength training for various patient groups

Application of strength training programs for sports:
Strength and power
Explosive strength and sprint sports
Endurance sports
Team sports

We wish you a successful period of time for preparation of your abstracts and
hope to meet you in Budapest, November 13-17, 2002 !!

On behalf of the

"International Scientific Committee of International Conference Series on
Strength Training"
Keijo Häkkinen


"3rd International Conference on Strength Training"
József Tihanyi, President, Organizing Committee
Ladislav Petrovic, Secretary, OC
Keijo Häkkinen et al.

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Professor & Vice Head
Department of Biology of Physical Activity
University of Jyväskylä
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