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Robert Newton
05-09-1993, 10:30 AM
Dear Biomch-L Networkers,

I am a Masters student at the University of New England, Northern Rivers. I
have commenced a study into the kinetics and kinematics of sprint running.
This will include an evaluation of a number of variations of start technique
etc.. I require a system of light switches which will measure time (accuracy
of 1 ms) from the start to various distances down the running track ie. 5, 10,
15, 20 etc metres.

We have a system which was built by the technicians in the Department but it
only records a single stop/start time, not split times at each distance and it
only measures to the nearest 10 ms. Does anyone know of commercially available
electronic timing systems that would fulfil this function? Any feedback on the
problems, advantages and costs of these systems would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou in advance for any assistance.
John Pryor
Human Movement Science
University of NewEngland, Northern Rivers
P.O. Box 157
Lismore NSW Australia