View Full Version : balance test on PDM platforms

Reiner Beck (zebris)
08-28-2002, 01:42 AM
Dear list members,

I just learned that some people recently do use PDM (Pressure Distribution
Platforms) to perform balance and equilibrium tests on people. The persons
centre of gravity is calculated from the pressure distribution caused by the
person standing on the platform. The position of the centre of gravity is
recorded over time while the person stands on the platform eyes closed.
As a part of the evaluation a confidential ellipsis is approximated. This
ellipsis is containing the positions of the centre of gravity during the
test. Here comes my question:

How is this ellipsis interpreted ? Do the parameter of the ellipsis (length
major axis, length minor axis, ratio of this lengths, orientation, position
to feet) have a described indication ?

Any information is highly appreciated. I will post a summary.

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