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08-29-2002, 06:33 PM
Pain measurement,

A very interesting subject, specially when we consider how the measurements are
to be used, usually for some important clinical decision such as surgery.

We have done some experiments on carpal tunnel release and associated post op
pain. Our technique was based on our design of an instrument for pain
measurement and the comparison of that with the subjects' pain score (on a
scale of 0 to 10). The analyses are not complete, but I can say that inter-
subject pain perception and scoring is not well correlated. This means each
patient must be considered on their own and not in comparison with others.
Therefore VAS or other subjective measurement tools may be useful to monitor a
single case over time. Even then, the assumption of intra-subject repeatability
is not necessarily straight forward, and is largely influenced by the
conditions of the tissue and pain associated biochemical parameters. Our
experiments point in this direction.

I hope this helps

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