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08-29-2002, 11:23 PM
Meditech: The Research and Medical Technology

We are pleased to announce the launch of a the new National
Physical Laboratory and Welsh Development Agency funded research
network to focus on medical devices, bioengineering, biomaterials and
biomechanics. and biophysics applied to dental and oral health. The
aims and objectives of the Network are stated below and you are
invited to attend the first meeting which will be held at the National
Physical Laboratory, Teddington, London on the 9th October, 2002.
The meeting is free of charge and will address future research
initiatives including international collaboration and FP6 projects.

Aims of the Network

*To enhance existing links with national/international experts, companies
and research institutions within the diverse field of medical devices and
materials. To extend the network to new developments in the
healthcare sector with the intention of implementing advanced
technologies in the fields of bioengineering, biomedical materials,
biomaterials, biocomputational simulation and design and development
of medical devices.

*To encourage and provide awareness to healthcare professionals of
advances being made in
materials technologies, bioengineering, imaging, tissue engineering and
medical device modelling. Here, in the emphasis would be placed on
the functional response and characteristics of biomaterials and devices
together with the integrated approaches needed for the assessment of
their physical, biochemical and mechanical properties.

3. To ensure increased contact with industry to promote technology transfer
and to develop novel solutions in the field biomedical materials,
biomaterials and medical device technology. In order to achieve these
aims and strengthen the network research centres, professional
organisations, universities innovation centres and industrials companies
are welcomed to join the Network.

3.2 Objectives of the Network

*To form a network of experts from the fields of bioengineering,
biomaterials engineers, biophysicists, biomechanicians, clinicians and
medical device manufacturers/industry to meetspecific needs relating to
the MEDITECH network.

2.To interact with other national and international centres with particular
emphasis being placed on pan-European initiatives. This is important
since the proposed FPVl framework is encouraging large European
Networks of Excellence and Integrated Projects in which the members of
the MEDITECH would wish to participate.

3. Provide a forum to identify and encourage collaborative research
proposals in emerging technologies that are novel and innovative.

4.To promote collaboration between healthcare professions, scientists,
engineers and manufacturers to encourage rapid implementation of new
technologies (biodegradable implants, bioactive materials, imaging, tissue
engineering, implant coatings, computer aided device modelling etc) that
can be exploited internationally.

5.Organise research/industrial workshops to identify emerging technologies
and provide a mechanism for collaborative projects.

6. Promote and disseminate information between academics and industry at
an international level. This will be encouraged through
staff/student/industrial contact and exchange.


John Middleton, Professor of Biomechanical Engineering
Biomechanics Research Unit
University of Wales College of Medicine
Cardiff Medicentre
Heath Park
Cardiff CF14 4UJ, Wales, UK
Tel/fax: 02920 682161
email: middletonj2@cardiff.ac.uk

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