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09-02-2002, 12:09 AM
Dear Biomechanicians,

Professor Herbert Hatze has died on Monday, August 26. We are stunned by this great loss for the science of biomechanics.

Herbert Hatze was born in Vienna, Austria in 1937. He recieved the bachelor of science (Majors: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics; with first class honours in Applied Mathematics) from the University of South Africa in 1970, the honours bachelor of science (Courses: Optimal Control Theory, Ordinary Differential Equations, Calculus of Variations, Differential Geometry; with first class honours) from the University of South Africa in 1972 and the Ph.D. (Thesis: "A Control Model of Skeletal Muscle and its Application to a Time-optimal Biomotion") from the Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Univ. of S.A. in 1974.


1961-1967: Lecturer in Technical Mathematics at the Technical College Steyr, Austria, and at the BRG Gmunden, Austria. First research activities in the field of mathematical modelling of the human musculoskeletal system.

1967-1971: Research Associate at the Human Sciences Laboratory, Johannesburg, South Africa. Research in the fields of Biomechanics and Biothermics.

1971-1975: Lecturer in Biomechanics and Head of the Biomechanics Research Unit at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

1975: Appointment as Chief Research Scientist for Biocybernetics and Biomechanics at the National Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Pretoria, S.A. Development of a comprehensive biomechanics research programme and a new biomechanics research unit, including a laboratory.

1976: Visiting Professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada, for part of this year while on leave of absence from the CSIR. Teaching and research activities in the field of neuromusculoskeletal biomechanics.

1976-1981: Senior Chief Research Scientist and Head of the Neuromusculoskeletal Research Unit at the National Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences of the CSIR, Pretoria. Continued research and publication activities as described above.

1981-2002: Full Professor of Biomechanics and Head of the Department and Laboratory of Biomechanics at the University of Vienna, Austria.


Professor Hatze was active Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, recipient of SACAC Science Award 1975, recipient of ISBS Geoffrey Dyson Award 1998, Executive Editorial resp. Editorial Member of several journals, referee for research proposal evaluation of numerous fonds and organisations and reviewer for numerous professional journals.

-- Arnold Baca

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