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Rebecca Kerr
09-02-2002, 02:08 PM
I am currently making corrections to a research paper that I have
submitted for publication. My research is on the 3D kinematics of a specific
field hockey skill and one of the reviewers has asked that I include a
performance model for the skill in the paper. My colleagues and I are all
unsure as to what a performance model involves, or how to formualte one for a
sports skill. Any suggestions or examples would be greatly appreciated.

Rebecca Kerr B.SpExSc (hons 1) MAAESS
PhD Candidate
Technical Officer
Institute of Sport and Exercise Science
James Cook University
Townsville Queensland 4811

Phone: 07 4781 4952
Fax: 07 4781 6688
Email: rebecca.kerr@jcu.edu.au

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