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Ton Van Den Bogert
09-03-2002, 02:35 AM
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Title: PhD position in Bone Tissue Engineering
Location: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Lausanne, Switzerland
Date: 10.30.02

In collaboration with the Hopital Orthopedique de la Suisse Romande,
the Laboratory of Fetal Medicine (UNIL), and Nestle Research Center,
the group of Bone Biophysics (EPFL) is developing a project in Bone
Tissue Engineering. The clinical goal of this project is to develop an
artificial bone, which can be used by the surgeons in skeletal
load-bearing applications.

In this context, we are looking for a PhD student who could join our
growing team. The candidate should have a diploma in Physics,
Mechanical Engineering, or Material Science (EPF or equivalent) with a
strong motivation to acquire knowlegdes in cell and molecular biology.
He/she will have to develop experimental methods to mechanically
stimulate different cell types. The gene expression of the stimulated
cells will be quantified by microarray technologies or by real time RT-
PCR. In parallel, numerical models will be used to quantify the
mechanical environment that the cells experience during the mechanical
stimulations. This information will be used to determine the otpimal
mechanical enviromment that cells should experience in a bone tissue
engineering application in order to heal bone defects.

The candidate should send a CV with a letter of motivation and two
references to: Dr. Dominique Pioletti, LRO/IGBM/STI, 1015 Lausanne or
by e-mail to: .
Dominique P. Pioletti, Ph.D.
Institute for Biomedical Engineering
Bat. AAB
1015 Lausanne

E-mail: dominique.pioletti@epfl.ch
tel: 41 21 693 8341
fax: 41 21 693 8660

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