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09-05-2002, 11:44 PM
Dear Biomch-L

I am urgently trying to locate the following article -

Hochmuth and Marhold (1978). The further development of biomechanical
principles. In E. Asmussen and K. Jorgensen (Eds.), Biomechanics VI-B
(pp.93-106). International Series on Biomechanics, Volume 2B. Baltimore:
University Park.

If anyone has access to the article is there any chance you could fax it to
me at the number below?

Regards Ross

Ross Anderson
Dept of Sport and Exercise Sciences and
Centre for Biomedical Electronics
University of Limerick
Tel - +353 (0) 86 8500833 or +353 (0) 61 202810
Fax - +353 (0) 865 8500833
e-Mail - ross.anderson@ul.ie
WWW - www.rossanderson.net

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