View Full Version : modelling lower leg/ankle/foot; shoe; artificial surface

Birgitte Van Don
09-08-2002, 09:16 PM
Dear Colleagues

AT the moment I am working on a project concerning soccer injuries due to
playing on artificial surface. We will model the lower leg/foot/ankle
shoe and the surface. Hereby I would like to ask if you could provide me
some references concerning models (1 lower leg/ankle foot and/or shoe and/or
artificial surface, which have been developed in the past.

If more information is necessary, please let me know


Birgitta J.C. van Don, Ph.D.

TNO Automotive, Crash Safety Center
P.O. Box 6033
2600 JA Delft
The Netherlands
phone +31 15 269 7374
fax +31 15 262 4321
email: vanDon@wt.tno.nl

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