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Sacks, Michael
09-10-2002, 03:54 AM

Engineered Tissue Mechanics Laboratory
McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
University of Pittsburgh

The Engineered Tissue Mechanics Laboratory (ETML), headed by Dr. Michael
Sacks, has immediate openings for the following positions:

1) Post-doctoral position in Numerical Simulation of the Mechanics of Native
and Engineered Soft Tissues. This is a two-year Post-Doctoral research
position funding by an NIH training grant. The focus of this positions the
development and implementation of computational models of native and
engineered soft tissues, based on structural constitutive models.
Applications include the urinary bladder, stem-cell seeded scaffolds for
urological repair, engineered tissue design, and cell/tissue mechanical
interactions. Candidates with doctoral degrees in Biomechanics, Mechanical
Engineering/Applied Mechanics, and related engineering disciplines with
strong computational skills are encouraged to apply. As this position is
funded by an NIH training grant, only US citizens or permanent residents
should apply. Salary level will be commensurate with previous experience.

2) Research Assistantship in Left Atrial biomechanics. This is a fully
funded doctoral-level student research position involving the study of left
atrial (LA) biomechanics. This newly funded project will attempt to
describe LA biomechanics at the organ, tissue, and molecular levels. Strong
interactions with clinicians and basic scientists, as well as other McGowan
Institute bioengineers are available. Exceptionally motivated students
interested in pursuing doctoral studies with backgrounds/interests in
cardiac biomechanics are encouraged to apply. We are particularly
interested in students with Master's degrees wishing to pursue doctoral

For more information on the McGowan Institute, visit our website:

If interested, please contact:
Dr. Michael S. Sacks : msacks@pitt.edu

or write to:

Dr. Michael S. Sacks
Engineered Tissue Mechanics Laboratory
McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Department of Bioengineering
100 Technology Drive, Suite 200
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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