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Zeynep Erim
09-11-2002, 11:51 PM
POSTDOCTORAL POSITION available to explore research questions that relate
to motor control, specifically at the motor unit level, and the
modifications induced by stroke, spinal cord injury, aging and various
types of exercise on muscle behavior. The successful candidate will have a
background in biomedical or other branch of engineering, or at least have
technical savvy, and will be expected to assist in setting up the hardware
and software necessary for data acquisition and processing.

Direct applications and inquiries to: Zeynep Erim, Rehabilitation Institute
of Chicago, 345 E. Superior St. Suite 1406, Chicago, IL 60611 or
email: z-erim@northwestern.edu
__________________________________________________ __
Zeynep Erim, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago,
Research Associate Professor
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Northwestern University
345 East Superior Street Suite 1406
Chicago, Illinois, 60611
Office Phone (312) 238-1477
Fax (312) 238-2208

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