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Brownjohn James (assoc Prof)
09-16-2002, 08:13 PM
I'm a structural/mechanical engineer looking for a classical reference
that gives statistics of walking:

Mean and variance of pace rate, for normal healthy adults.

I checked databases, the biomch archive and internet. What I found are
(of course) recent researches, and these are specific to special cases.
Our library does not have pre-1982 journals so while I have a few
pointers to possible references on the subject:

Matsumoto et al. 'dynamic design of footbridges' in IABSE Proceedings
Aug 1978
Murray & Sepic 'Walking patterns of normal men' J Bone Joint surgery

(The first is referenced in the book
Bachmann & Amman 'Vibrations in structures induced by man and machines'
The second in a paper by Hirokawa.)

I'd like to ask before I request these (and it takes several weeks), if
anoyone knows of a more accessible and probably complete reference that
provided original data on normal walking.

Models of walking used by structural engineers assume walking is
perfectly periodic. I know from limited studies using a Gaitway that
this is not so, and in addition pace rates are to some extent random.

If anyone is looking at the effect of people on structures due to
walking (and not vice versa) I'd like to hear from them. There seems to
be more interest in this area after the episode of the wobbly bridge in

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School of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
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