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Herman J. Woltring
11-17-1989, 03:56 AM
Dear Colleagues,

Biomch-l has now been in existence for 13 months, and membership as of today
is 137, with a substantial number of subscribers in The Netherlands and in the
U.S.A. However, also many other European countries and Canada provide a sub-
stantial number of subscribers. Regretfully, other continents are less well
represented, but some (non-commercial) advertising is currently being directed
to the Far East.

If you retrieve the country-distribution through REV BIOMCH-L (C from LISTSERV@
HEARN, you will see that some countries are marked with ??; the subscribers
behind these symbols are on other networks than EARN/BITNET/NETNORTH, such as
the (U.S.) Internet, the British Janet, or UUCP. Those EARN/BITNET/NETNORTH
nodes not yet properly listed in the relevant databases are listed under a
separate ??.

Recently, a new book was published on networking, especially on addressing
ideosyncracies. If you are interested (and in public-domain software in the
numerical field), just send the one-line request

send index

to netlib@research.att.com, the Internet address for the A.T.&.T./Bell Research
Laboratories' mathematical fileserver in Murray Hill, U.S.A. You'll get an
automatic reply from netlibd@research.att.com (note the different user-id, so
as to avoid infinite looping errors).

Regards -- Herman J. Woltring.