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10-04-2002, 03:33 AM
The International Society of Biomechanics web site (http://www.isbweb.org)
generates numerous requests for information about academic programs in
Biomechanics. Generally requests are referred to the American Society of
Biomechanics list at http://www.asb-biomech.org/gradinfo/index.html. We'd
like to build a directory on ISBWEB that complements the ASB's list;
emphasizing non-US programs and including undergraduate programs with a
significant biomechanics content.

If you would like your program to be included in the directory, please send
an email to Martyn.Shorten@biomechanica.com, including the following:

Institution name and location
Undergraduate or graduate status
Program or course name
URL link to your web site.
Contact email (optional)

The directory will offer a link to the ASB listings so there is no need to
duplicate entries that are already available there.

Martyn Shorten

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