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10-06-2002, 11:58 PM
dear list members,
I am in search for data in an aged population from the Romberg test in a
modification. The participants stay toe to heel, arm stretched straight
ahead and eyes are fixed straight ahead. I am looking for data in the eyes
open, eyes closed condition (in sec. if possible, not in the Berg balance
scale scores) and in addition if someone has done it on stable ground and
on foam. I have data myself for a population ranging from 35 to 90 years
old where I would like to compare European with American data and in
addition for planning a new project I need mean scores and standard
deviation of this test for statistical power estimates. If someone has used
the TUG in the dual task paradigma described by Shumway-Cook, Brauer and
Woollacott 2000 and could spare the means and SD also for statistical power
estimation that would be great.

As usual I will post all the responses

Thanks for your help
Dr. Ellen Freiberger

Dr. Ellen Freiberger
Institute of Sportscience and Sport

Gebbertstr. 123 b
91058 Erlangen/Germany

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