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10-10-2002, 05:59 PM
these are my two cents. I am posting to the list be cause maybe
others have similar problems.

You should not focus on the file but on its content. Mimics generate
triangular facets; I am not aware of any additional module for mimics
that let you convert them into a polynomial surface (but I am not a
user so may the function is there, although I doubt it). STL is a
format specific for triangles. IGES is a more complex file format,
and it can be used to describe both triangular facets or polynomial
surfaces, such as Bezier or NURBS.

ProE, as most CAD systems works essentially with polynomial surfaces.
If you feed it with triangles it usually assume that each triangle is
a high order polynomial surface patch (and in this case the model
becomes impossible to handle as it may have thousands of patches), or
it uses a special facet entity, which usually does not allow most
operations such as Quilt, which are developed only for polynomial

In these cases, the real problem is to convert the triangles into a
NURBS model that can be processed correctly by a CAD system. There
are specialized programs for this such as Raindrop Magic, but they
are usually quite expensive.


>Hi all
>I'm a M-Phil student at Cambridge working on the biomechanics of the elbow
>and I am looking to import CT-Scans of the Humerus, Ulna and Radius into
>I have completed the scans and am awaiting a license for the trial
>version of mimics to
>convert the DICOM files to STL format or IGES.
>I am running Pro/Engineer 2001 and my aim is to import these bones into
>Pro/E and then Pro/M (motions/integrated mode) to detect misfit and clashes
>in the joint.
>I am having problems importing STL and IGES files into Pro/E. I have tried
>importing basic IGES files into PRO/E for practice but cannot redefine the
>features to create a protrusion using quilt. The Use Quilt option is blanked
>out for some reason and therefore the iges file remains a surface rather
>than a solid.
>STL files won't even load into my version of Pro/E. It comes up with an
>Prompt for a name for the STL part and then an error message comes up saying
>"Could not Read STL file." I am wondering if I am missing a compiler or
>Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks for your Time
>Best Regards
>Philip Huang
>Selwyn College, Grange Road
>CB3 9DQ
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