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unknown user
05-16-1993, 09:21 AM
Hi, my name is Frank Braun and I'm an undergrad at Stockton State College.
Stockton is one of 2 (i believe) colleges in NJ that offer a BS in Physical
Therapy. i'm in a class on
the internet as a research tool; the final 50% of my grade (due June 15th)
is to create a reference of PT resources available via internet, both
online resources and online references to traditional resources. i'd like
materials from outside the u.s. that are internet-accessible, too!

i am looking in the nsf database at unc. i also have
heard of HL7, medlib, mednews and smdm-l.

i have been sending mail to lists as i think of new search terms
i have searched and continue to search the internet via archie, wais,
gopher/veronica and www, but if anyone can think of a useful search key, i'd
be grateful. i am retrieving copies of John December's internet-cmc and the
Yanoff list, as well as hytelnet, hyplus, infopop, the NSF resource guide, Zen
and the Art of Internet.

any help will be greatly appreciated and i will gladly share the results of the
entire endeavor with all interested parties.

thank you very much

frank braun stk1478 gnm2103-01
box 2027 Stockton State Pomona NJ 08240-9988