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Dr. Stephan Riek
10-14-2002, 12:39 PM
Sensorimotor Coordination 2003 will be held at the Kingfisher Bay Resort on
Island in Queensland, Australia, during 6-9 July, 2003, as a satellite of the
International Conference on Perception and Action (ICPA).

Further information, and registration forms can be obtained from the conference
website: http://www.hms.uq.edu.au/smc2003

Sensorimotor coordination demands that specialised neural and musculo-skeletal
are organised harmoniously to generate task-specific functional behaviour. How
is this
achieved? The goal of the meeting is to provide a forum for the discussion of
issue. Our specific aim is to bring together scientists from a variety of
backgrounds, who seek to understand sensorimotor coordination using multiple
levels of
description, and a variety of experimental approaches.

Kingfisher Bay Resort, located on beautiful Fraser Island, provides a unique
for intimate and extended discussion, set against a backdrop of lush subtropical
rainforest, pristine freshwater lakes and roaring surf. In keeping with the
spirit of
the meeting, oral presentations will be aligned with specific themes, the aim
being to
provoke lively debate. Poster sessions will also provide a forum for the
of new findings and the free discussion of ideas.

If you wish to be placed on the email list to receive up-to-date news relating
to the
conference, please send your email address to: smc2003@hms.uq.edu.au

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 31st January 2003.

The deadline for early registration is 28th February 2003.

Dr. Stephan Riek

Senior Lecturer

School of Medical Science

University of New South Wales

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