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Steven Kautz
10-24-2002, 11:32 PM
Ph.D. *Program in Rehabilitation Science

Prepare for an exciting career in academics and research
Gain scientific knowledge in specialty area
Participate in cutting-edge rehabilitation research
Teach in an innovative, entry-level PT program


The University of Florida Ph.D. Program in Rehabilitation Science has
Teaching and Research Assistant positions open for qualified physical
therapists.The faculty in the Department of Physical Therapy together
with three other rehabilitation related departments, offer a
challenging, interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science.

Students take core courses in rehabilitation science, research and
teaching methods. *Physical therapists focus their doctoral training in
the Movement Science track selecting from one of 3 concentration areas:
Neurology/Motor Dysfunction, Biomechanics/Orthopedics, or Exercise and
Muscle Physiology.

The Ph.D. Program is closely affiliated with the University of Florida
Institute on Aging, the Brain Institute, the Brooks Center for
Rehabilitation Studies, the VA Center of Excellence for Brain
Rehabilitation Research, the Center for Exercise and Sport Science, the
VA Center of Excellence for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research, Shands
Healthcare System, and a federally funded Rehabilitation Engineering
Research Center. This comprehensive network provides a rich environment
for collaborative, interdisciplinary research and mentorship.

Visit our websites: *http://www.hp.ufl.edu/rehabsci/ and at
www.hp.ufl.edu/pt to meet the Physical Therapy faculty and review our
research programs in the Rehabilitation Science - PhD program. *For
further information contact either:

Andrea Behrman, PhD, PT
Graduate Coordinator,
Ph.D. Program in Rehabilitation Science
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Florida
PO Box 100154
Gainesville, FL *32610-0154
(352)265-0085 abehrman@hp.ufl.edu ************************************************** **

William Mann, PhD, OT
Movement Science Director
University of Florida
PO Box 100164
Gainesville, FL *32610-0164
(352)392-2617 wmann@hp.ufl.edu

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