View Full Version : Suggestion about 3D motion analysis for Vicon and MAC -continued

unknown user
10-25-2002, 01:00 AM
Dear members:
Thanks very much for the people providing the information about 3D
motion analysis systems.
It is very helpful. We are still in the process of how to buy the
Right now, I still need some help to get some information about the
comparison of Motion analysis systems Eagle system and Vicons 3M series
more detail like stability, speed, software. Especially, we want to know
how much the resolution will reduce in 500 and 1000Hz for Vicon 3M
Thanks very much for the help.
I also want to apology that I put the wrong phone number last time.

Wen-Tzu Tang, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
Graduate Institute of Coaching Science
National College of P. E. & Sports
Taoyuan, Taiwan
Voice: 886-3-3283201 ext 2407
Fax: 886-3-3272203
Email: wttang@mail.ncpes.edu.tw

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