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Bruce Macwilliams, Ph.d.
10-28-2002, 02:32 AM
For our clinical gait lab we are in the process of switching from VHS tape to DVD for recording patients' clinical walking ability. We have purchased a Panasonic DVD player/recorder to interface with our cameras, we also have a Panasonic RW drive in our PC. Each of these can utilize the DVD-RAM format which is our preference as the player/recorder functions more smoothly with this format compared to the DVD-R format which takes the recorder some time to write each recorded segment after the 'stop' button is hit.

The DVD-RAM disk records a single .VRO file in which are embedded the number of .VOB (MPG) files which were recorded (each start and stop of the recording process) and cataloged (I think) in an .IFO file. The problem with this format is compatability. Only the Panasonic drives seem to be able to read the RAM disk format, and most software I have tried does not know what to do with the .VRO file. Most packages will open it if you rename it to .MPG, but it appears as a singe file stream, the embedded 'chapters' (individual .VRO files) are ignored.

I would ultimately like to find a software package which will do the following:

1) Allow simple renaming of chapters (to match patient medical record for instance)
2) Separate out (extract) the individual VOB files from the VRO file according to the chapter name given.

These could then be written to a DVD-R disk that could then be used in any DVD drive.

We would also like a program which could then be used to capture and export still images and video clip segments from the VOB files.

If anyone has similar experiences and can make some reccomendations for these software packages, please let me know. While I am currently able to do most of these tasks individually with separate packages, we are not very satified with any of the software we have tried. Thanks.

Bruce MacWilliams, Ph.D.
Director, Movement Analysis Laboratory, Shriners Hospital for Children
Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah, Dept. of Orthopedics

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