View Full Version : Biomechanics in Bulgaria

10-30-2002, 11:55 PM
Dear colleagues,

On the Home page of the ISB WEB site www.isbweb.org you can
find a link "Biomechanics in Bulgaria" - 30 years short history, development, research,
education, problems.

Any comments, questions, propositions etc. will be very useful for the Bulgarian
Society of Biomechanics.

Thank you.

Prof. Yuli Toshev, Ph.D., D.Sc.
President of the Bulgarian Society of Biomechanics (BSB)
Head of Department "Biomechanics and Telemanipulators"
Institute of Mechanics and Biomechanics
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
Acad. G.Bonchev Str., block 4,
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

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