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Miriam Satern
11-01-2002, 03:18 AM
Hello everyone --

I am trying to locate the following research articles. Unfortunately, they
are published in proceedings that I either do not have or do not have access
to. If anyone has any of the following, please let me know if you are
willing to copy the article and send it to me. Thanks for any help you can

** Hayes, D. (1989). Body segment contributions to free throw shooting in
basketball. In Tsarouchas, L., et al. (Ed): Biomechanics in Sports V:
Proceedings of the Fifth ISBS held in 1987 in Athens, Greece. (pp. 205-211)

** Ferrario, V. F., Sforza, C., Michielon, G., Pisoni, M. (1993).
Quantitative evaluation of the style of movement during the basketball free
throw. In: Abstracts of the ISB, XIVth Congress, Paris, 4-8 July, 1993, vol.
I. (pp. 408-409).

** Ryan, P., Holt, L. E. (1989). Kinematic variables as predictors of
performance in the basketball free throw. In Morrison, W. E. (Ed):
Proceedings of the VIIth ISBS, Footscray, (pp. 79-88)

** King, T. P., Huston, R. L. Optimization basketball foul shot technique.
In Rekow, E. D., et al. (Ed): Biomechanics in sport: a 1987 update. American
Society of Mechanical Engineers (pp. 101-105)

** Hayes, D. (1988). Hayes, D. Intra-individual variability in selected
components of the basketball free throw. In Cotton, C. E., et al. (Ed)
Proceedings of the Fifth Biennial Conference and Human Locomotion Symposium
of the Canadian Society for Biomechanics, London, Ontario (pp. 72-73)

** Elliott. B. (1991). The jump shot: A comparison of male and female
shooting techniques. Australian Sports Commission Canberra, (pp. 19-)

** Elliott, B. (1991) A biomechanical comparison of the male and female two
point and three point jump shots in basketball Australian Sports Commission
Canberra. (pp. 28-)

** Menzel, H. J. (2000). Identification of movement patterns by time
discrete variables and analysis of time courses. In Hong, Y. (Ed):
Proceedings of the XVIII ISBS, Hong Kong, (pp. 680-683)

** Menzel, H. J. (1999). Movement pattern changes of basketball jump
shooting in relation to distance based on the analysis of time courses. In
Sanders, R. H. & Gibson, B. J. (Eds): Proceedings of ISBS '99, Perth,
Western Australia (pp. 85-88)

Thanks again...Miriam

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