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Paul Treffner
11-03-2002, 03:30 PM
PhD scholarships in visualisation, Griffith University, Australia
Applications are invited for two full-time PhD scholarships in the area of
visualisation and virtual reality. Each scholarship is worth AU$20k per
annum for three years.

The Centre for Active Visualisation (CAV) is a new joint initiative of the
School of Information Technology at Griffith University Gold Coast,
Australia, and the Queensland Parallel Supercomputing Foundation (QPSF).
Located within a new $9M Multimedia Building, facilities at CAV will
include a twin screen stereo 3D back projection system, motion tracker,
eye tracker, treadmill, as well as Sun and PC platforms. Projects at CAV
have a multidisciplinary focus and include dynamical systems modelling of
locomotion, especially human gait and automobile driving, virtual
rehabilitation of gait disorders, speech-hand interaction and gestural
communication, and autonomous mobile robots. We are also keen to develop
new projects in haptic devices and multimodal feedback. Applicants should
have a background in computer programming and an interest in scientific
visualisation and multimodal interfaces. Applications from persons with a
background in information technology, computer science, cognitive science,
experimental psychology, complex systems, or human movement science are
particularly welcomed.

Applicants should have a good undergraduate academic record (e.g.,
Honours) and be willing to work in a multidisciplinary field. Submissions
will be accepted until the positions are filled.
Please send covering letter, vitae and evidence of scholarly activity to:

Assoc. Prof. Paul Treffner,
Centre for Active Visualisation,
School of Information Technology,
Griffith University Gold Coast,
PMB 50, Gold Coast Mail Centre,
QLD 9726, Australia.
Email: p.treffner@mailbox.gu.edu.au
CAV: http://www.int.gu.edu.au/%7Es227447/CAV.html

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