View Full Version : Re: Power output in reclined cycling

John Martinson
05-19-1993, 01:46 AM
In response to your request for studies of human power output in reclining
cycles, I will try to dig out references on work done at the Sports Sciences
Dept. at Colorado State Univ. As I recall, they were esp. interested in output
from upper body AND legs since this is possible in a reclining cycle (though
few actual designs exploit this possibility). And there is the whole
question of linear vs. rotary motion which I assume you've considered in
regard to "pedaling" for water craft. One area of older work in this area I
would recommend if you don't happen to be familiar with it is that of the
Australian investigator J.Y. Harrison. One reference that comes to mind is:
Harrison, J.Y. "Maximizing human power output by suitable selection of
motion cycle and load." Human Factors, vol. 12, no. 3 pp. 315-329., 1970.
Good Luck. John Martinson UNR (114) Reno Nevada 89557