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Daniel Nicolella
05-19-1993, 11:19 PM
Thanks to all of you who responded to my post on Osteoporosis.
Here is a summary of the replies I received.
You'll find very little published data on the mechano-physical properties of
osteoporotic bone. In our lab we have been collecting baseline data on the
pphysical properties of normal and pathological bone (cortical) for more
than ten years. Do a medline search on the work of SIDNEY LEES and you
should come up with a number of references to get you started. I am currently
doing work on the relationship between physical properties (i.e. density,
longitudinal elastic modulus, equatorial diffraction spacing) and
structural properties in growing bone. Several publications should be coming
out within the next year or so.

Douglas B. Hanson, Ph.D.
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Look up references in Journal of Biomechanics for bone. That should
give you most of the elastic properties. I do not think much, if
anything, has been done on the viscoelastic properties of bone,
no less osteoporotic. Contact Barbara Boyen at UT (next door)
as she is a bone person.

Hospital for Special Surgery
[Peter Torzilli torzilli@tc.cornell.edu]
Jonathan Dingwell wrote: (dingwell@bme.ri.ccf.org)

If you have acces to Medline, try doing an author search on the following peo-
All of them have done fairly extensive work in the area of strength properties
and osteoporosis in bone, as well as the structural changes which occur
in osteoporosis (which in turn will inherently effect the material properties
of cancellous bone as a whole).
A. M. Parfitt
A. Vesterby
Li. Mosekilde
J. S. Arnold
H. J. G. Gunderson
N. J. Garrahan
M. Kleerekoper

The following specific references may also be of use:

Pugh, J.W., Rose, R.M., and Radin, E.L., 1973, "Elastic and Viscoelastic
Properties of Trabecular Bone", J. Biomechanics, v. 6, pp. 475 - 485

Weaver, J.K., and Chalmers, J., 1966, "Cancellous Bone: its Strength and
Changes with Aging...", J. Bone and Joint Surgery, v. 48A, pp. 289 - 298

Gibson, L. J., 1985, J. Biomechanics v. 18, pp. 317 - 328

_Mechanical Properties of Bone_ {book}, by F. Gaynor Evans
1973, Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Ill.

Dear Daniel,
In the Yearbook of Physical Anthropology 33:151-194(1990) there is
probably some help for you i.e. 43 pages review about osteoporosis
by Stini,W.A.
including 1 table about mineral content and density. In the reference
list there are some papers about mechanical properties related to
osteoporosis. At least I found one on the first page
about 'predicting femoral neck strength from bone mineral data'
Maybe there are more and maybe the paper is useful for you.
A second paper from Galloway,Stini and Fox there are more tables
but concerning mostly the loss in height. The list of references
of this paper maybe useful. The title is 'Stature loss among older uni-
ted states populations and its relation to bone mineral status'
in American Journal of Physical Anthropology 83(1990)467-476
Johan Molenbroek
Delft University of Technology