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11-07-2002, 04:05 AM
To the Biomch-L community

One of my colleagues and myself were pondering over what the "all-time top-10
critical references" would be in the field of biomechanics, and so we thought
we would put this question forth to the Biomch-L community. We would like to
compile a list of the best all-around references in the general field of
biomechanics, as well as perhaps sub-lists from specific areas (ie, clinical,
ergonomics, sports, gait, etc). These references might include topics such as
data collection and reduction techniques (eg, DLT or data filtering), review
articles or landmark studies in different areas (eg, gait analysis or
jumping), or even general biomechanical principles or historical overviews.
The reference articles should be journal articles, conference proceedings or
book chapters. Important textbooks or dissertations may also be relevant, but
will be compiled in a seperate list. (English preferred but all languages

Please submit the reference in APA or similar format. Once the list(s) are
compiled, we will summarize our findings for Biomch-L.

Please send your suggestions for the "all-time" lists directly to me at:

Thanks. I look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Steve LeBlanc MSc
PhD candidate, Faculty of Phys Ed & Rec, University of Alberta

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