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Arno Grunendahl
11-13-2002, 07:28 PM
Dear List,

sorry I've already deleted the original answers, but nonetheless here is
a short summary:

I got two hints for authors: F.H. Silver and R.F. Ker, and an answer
from Dominique P. Pioletti with a file attached.
The file was:

"Viscoelastic constitutive law in large deformations: application to
human knee ligaments and tendons", Pioletti, D. P., Rakotomanana, L. R.,
J. Biomechanics 31 (1998), 753-757

>From the authors I found these two articles interesting:

"The implications of the adaptable fatigue quality of tendons for their
construcction, repair and function", Ker, R. F., Comparative
Biochemistry and Physiology Part A, Article in Press

"Elastic energy storage in human articular cartilage: estimation of the
elastic modulus for type II collagen and changes associated with
osteoarthritis", Silver, F. H., Bradica, G., Matrix Biology 21 (2002),

As I have all papers as pdf-files, feel free to ask for them.

Thanks for the responds,

A. Grunendahl

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