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11-21-2002, 01:54 AM
I am buying an EMG system for the laboratory. I was interested in
learning about other people's experience with Motion Lab Systems' MA-300-6
(United States), Mega Electronics' MESPEC8000 (Finland), and Bortec
Biomedical's Octopus (Canada).

Also, I was interested in other people's experience with the software that
is available with Motion Lab's and Mega's systems. How easy is it to
download the data, process it yourself, and then use the manufacturer's
software on the reprocessed data? Are there macros provided for
additional data filtering? Are the functions that these software packages
provide as versatile and easy to use as the web sites imply, or do you end
up writing your own software to analyze EMG data anyway?

I would like to acquire the data, save it to a ASCII file (or one that is
easily converted to ASCII) and apply some additional filtering. Then, I
would like to upload my processed data to the manufacturer's software and
find such things as; the RMS moving average, integrated EMG, turns, or
compute the fourier transform.

Thank you.
Kathi Shyhalla - University at Buffalo - Engineering

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